Balay Dugo

This is Mental

14 - Why do I blog?

I’m a radical blogger who does post so randomly. I don’t care if people they see my posts, but I do appreciate some persons who likes my posts. I always thought that how do I get followers even though my posts aren’t that astounding. What can you expect from a mediocre man like me? As I’m getting older, I choose to keep my thoughts and emotional lapses in photos that I’ve uploaded in this blog. I choose the bear to be my memento, because it doesn’t show my real emotion. I’m emotionally weak and I do have a tendency to become a bipolar. I hate expressing my sentiments in front of people. I have few friends and most of them doesn’t know what I’m experiencing right now. I hate seeking help from other people. I always thought of committing suicide and death every time when I’m alone. I think that most of the teenagers are experiencing this kind of stage where I’m in right now. I really hate myself, but I do love being creative. I’m hoping that this eccentric life will not be forever.

I love when the truth hurts my feeling,
because the painful pleasure keeps me alive.

“ Even though the sun is ecstatic, I can still discern the solitariness of the moon on a starless night. ”


“ please put a smile a smile on my face ”

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